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i dont kno about SOME PEOPLE but I’m gunna head on to bed now~ i’m tired as butt, ye x3x g’night my lovelies!!!!

I had to re-read it cause all the letter names XD

it might help if you GET SOME SLEEP~ ;DDD sleep deprivation generally makes doing simple things harder


LB seeing a MB going in for a serious blow at GCBC

and shoving GCBC out of the way, taking the brunt of the blow himself, and when they try to help him, he tells them to just go, he’ll be fine


On April 14, a performer from the “Walking with Dinosaurs” arena show came to the Stanley A. Milner branch of the Edmonton Public Library to promote the new tour, wearing the juvenile T-Rex suit.

These aren’t my pictures, but the ones posted to the EPL Facebook. He was only there for about five minutes, but made a good show of it, stomping around and tossing his head, sticking his nose out to be petted. Nobody seemed to mind the visible legs in the costume, and a lot of kids drew back, while a few of those cried.

Note the bristles on the suit, which weren’t there before: the presenter claimed that this version of the arena show would add feathers to the dinosaur costumes and animatronics for the sake of accuracy.

Which means I have an excuse to go again—awright!

The same group also put on a “How to Train Your Dragon” stage show, also.


oh my lord. this is a photo of what success looks like.

Benny vs. modern technology


I was actually just thinking about this scene when I saw that post about Master Builders having a ‘special snowflake’ complex. Everyone has their own style, the colour of blocks they use ect. so when you try and make them work together without instructions it becomes a whole mess of different styles crammed into one, with structural soundness compromised (the submarine didn’t last very long).

And everyone is quite protective of their own styles and can be a bit intolerant of others. Benny just wants to share his ideas, but Wyldstyle has her style and she couldn’t care less what he wants to build.

Idk I just hope this is explored a little further.


it’s a good thing emmet lives alone or there’d be a point to having unused shower curtains


"I can lift things a lot bigger than this, trust me!”